Top Things to do in Waikiki over July 4th

Rooftop Pool at Pacific Monarch

July is a great time to visit Waikiki, and celebrating the 4th of July holiday during your stay makes for an extra special experience! Waikiki offers a unique blend of American patriotism and Hawaiian culture, with exciting events to celebrate the 4th of July. Fireworks displays, parades, live music, and cultural performances create a vibrant atmosphere throughout the island. It’s an ideal destination to celebrate America’s independence while enjoying Hawaii’s charm.

Independence Day Events

While there are no official fireworks displays happening in Waikiki on July 4th, the fireworks display at Pearl Harbor base will be visible looking west from the beach. The festival at Pearl Harbor Base known as Freedom Fest, runs from 3pm to 9:30pm and features a live music concert, family-friendly activities, and a spectacular fireworks display. A fireworks display will also start at 8pm in Kailua on the east side of Oahu (accessible by car or public transportation).

If you want to experience a different part of the island, visit the North Shore of Oahu for the annual Haleiwa 4th of July Festival. This family-friendly event is free and runs from 12pm to 8pm at Haleiwa Beach Park. Highlights include a vintage car show, live music, a hula performance, kids’ activities, and a fireworks display. Parking is limited, so arrive early and plan on a short walk to the venue.

More festivities take place at Hukilau Marketplace at the Polynesian Culture Center in Laie. Expect live music, bounce houses, and more fun activities. The fireworks will take place at 9pm.

July 4th Activities

With less rain this time of year, and temperatures ranging from 75 – 85°F, the weather is perfect for enjoying all the activities in Waikiki. It is also the peak of summer season and visitors should expect more crowds at tourist attractions. To make the most of your visit, book tours and activities in advance when possible and get to the beach early to grab a good spot. It’s advised to wear lightweight, breathable clothing, use sunscreen and drink plenty of water, especially when doing outdoor activities in Hawaii’s tropical climate.

Despite the summer crowds, the lively atmosphere and festive spirit create an exciting ambiance throughout the area. During your stay in Waikiki, check out these popular activities:

  • If you have a shorter stay, don’t miss the top 10 things to do in Waikiki.
  • Visit the Pearl Harbor memorial over July 4th to honor the brave service members who perished.
  • If you have a car rental, venture to the North Shore of Oahu to watch the expert surfers ride massive waves.
  • Go snorkeling in the warm, crystal clear waters of Waikiki and experience the Lahaina Noon phenomenon, when the sun is directly over the tropics, creating extraordinary underwater lighting.

Where to Stay in Waikiki

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