Top Waikiki Coffee Shops

When it comes to starting your day in Honolulu or the Waikiki area, there’s no shortage of fantastic breakfast spots and coffee shops to choose from. Whether you’re in the mood for a freshly baked pastry or a perfectly brewed cup of coffee, Waikiki has plenty of options to get you going in the morning. Let’s explore some of the top breakfast stops and coffee shops in Waikiki, so that you can start your day right!

Kai Coffee Hawaii

Kai Coffee on Waikiki

Kai Coffee Hawaii is a local favorite with five locations in the Waikiki area. This cafe sources its beans from small-batch Hawaiian coffee farms, ensuring a truly authentic and flavorful cup of coffee. Served in colorful and cozy spaces, their difference locations offer great grab and go options. In addition to their expertly crafted latte drinks with unique flavorings (try the macadamia nut!), they also offer a selection of light breakfast fare. Try their signature acai bowls for a healthy start to your day or grab a sweet slice of banana bread to go. Kai’s motto of “Aloha in Every Cup” shows their passion for coffee and customer service. A must visit!

Kona Coffee Purveyors

Experience the rich history and heritage of Hawaiian coffee at Kona Coffee Purveyors. Located in the International Market Place, this boutique cafe specializes in single-origin beans from the Kona region of the Big Island, with a variety of brewing methods to truly focus on the pure flavors. This is the ideal spot for coffee lovers to savor the local coffee flavor profiles in their purest form. There is also a selection of artisanal pastries with flavors from coconut to pineapple to compliment your brew.

Knot’s Coffee Roasters

Knot's Coffee Roasters in Waikiki

This stylish cafe in the lobby of the Queen Kapiolani hotel offers plenty of indoor and outdoor seating for you to enjoy their unique coffee creations. Coconut macadamia and matcha lattes are a can’t-miss at this hip spot, but if you’re looking for a cold treat, try their Tokyo style espresso soft serve drink. Grab a banana toast or acai bowl to go and enjoy a morning stroll through Kapi’olani Park across the street.

Island Vintage Coffee

Situated in the heart of Waikiki, Island Vintage Coffee is renowned for its farm-to-cup approach and commitment to quality. This spot serves breakfast all day, and it’s great for an afternoon pick-me-up as well. The huge menu offers everything from bagels to breakfast plates, with Hawaiian twists and plenty of vegetarian options. Savor the local flavors with an Island Style Plate or one of their signature Acai bowls, and indulge in a creamy coconut latte made with locally sourced ingredients.

Arvo Cafe 

Arvo Cafe in Honolulu

Arvo Café is a hidden gem known for its vibrant atmosphere and delicious toast pairings. With two airy locations in the Waikiki area, this trendy spot is the perfect place to get your morning caffeine fix and grab a light breakfast. The charcoal latte and strawberry guava mint iced tea are popular beverages and you’ll have your pick of loaded toast – from classic nutella to meatballs, and smoked salmon – there’s no shortage of interesting options at Arvo.

Liliha Bakery

A local favorite since 1950, Liliha Bakery is famous for its iconic coco puffs and freshly baked pastries. Swing by their original location at International Market Place and treat yourself to a taste of Hawaii’s sweetest indulgences. Be sure to try the coco puffs, but don’t miss out on the fluffy malasadas (Hawaiian donuts) or coconut danish. The pastries are the star at this bakery, but they do have a few coffee options as well.

Waffle and Berry

Waffle and Berry in Honolulu

Waffle and Berry is a charming breakfast spot located in the heart of Waikiki, known for its mouthwatering waffle creations with berry infusions. Located on the lower level of Waikiki Shopping Plaza, this unassuming family-owned restaurant serves up towering waffle dishes and refreshing acai bowls, along with coffee and iced tea options. Create your own waffle masterpiece or opt for the Kireina Hana, an overflowing fruity smorgasbord.

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